Exposed Aggregate Driveways

CAIRNS Exposed Aggregate Driveways

Exposed Concrete

A well-known and widely-used concrete finish, exposed concrete or aggregate gives you unlimited creative options to choose from. If you want a certain colour scheme or theme, this would be the best option for you. Not just decorative, adding aggregate also makes surfaces skid-resistant and durable.

There are a variety of themes to choose from with this method. Size and amount of rock, grading are among the other things that are to be considered when deciding for the feel that you want.

Coloured Concrete

Colouring your driveway could be one way to aesthetically beautify your landscape. We use our premium materials to transform your concrete to a modern, neat, and eye-catching area that is also long-wearing and sturdy. We offer a number of customisation options where you can pick whatever shade you prefer or theme you are going for. The creative possibilities are endless! You can also rest assured in the fact that our sealers are UV protected so it will be protected from heat and will last long. Your concrete will surely turn heads and will make people wonder how you achieved that look and feel. Be as bold as you can with the colors. We will not limit your creativity.

What if you’re uncertain what look and feel to go for? Or what if you have something in mind but can’t completely put it in a sketch? Concreters Cairns are here for you! Send us a message and we’ll get in touch with you.

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The Advantages Of Installing Exposed Aggregate Concrete

A lot of modern homes here in Cairns have been using exposed aggregate for their driveways. Well, it’s popular for a good reason!

Exposed aggregate concrete is being used in both residential and business spaces such as for outdoor spaces, patios, pools, and driveways because it’s strong and durable to withstand wear and tear.

This can handle the weight of the largest vehicles and can also survive the harshest weather conditions.

This also enhances the aesthetic value of your home because of its sophisticated appeal.

It’s interesting to note that exposed aggregate concrete isn’t mass-produced which means the chances of having the same surface with that of your neighbors could be very slim.

It’s also an attractive addition to your home because it will always look unique compared to other surfaces. Because exposed aggregate concrete can’t be mass-produced, you won’t find two patios or driveways that look the same, even if both have used exposed concrete!

There are always advantages and disadvantages in doing things or in our choices of using exposed aggregate concrete for driveways or outdoor spaces for both homes and corporate spaces.

The following are the benefits of using this type of material:

No-Fuss Maintenance

If you want a driveway or patios that you can install and forget about it then the exposed aggregate concrete is your best option. It has this very durable and hard-wearing concrete material that requires low maintenance.

All you have to do to keep it looking like new is to keep it clean or better yet, you can hire our team from Concreters Cairns to conduct a high-pressure water blast on the area.

The water’s high pressure can quickly strip off dirt and grime from the concrete floors without any risk of damage. After that, we will apply a sealer to keep it looking immaculate!

Using this type of concrete really isn’t a strict requirement. However it’s highly industry-recommended because it helps prevent stones from getting damaged or dislodged especially when under pressure.

More so, the sealer also keeps your floors stain-proof and prevents mold formations. After sealing the exposed aggregate, cleaning up with be easy peasy. You just have to hose it with water to keep it spotless from day one.

Easy Fix

Repairs are very easy when working on exposed aggregate concrete.

Well, while it may seem intimidating to work on this type of material, with professional help, you can always extend the life and keep your floors look polished without much effort or investment on your part.

Exposed aggregate concrete is a very unique material. In fact, the installation process would provide you a different and unique look which makes this extremely popular.

If you are worried that repairs could ruin its unique texture and color, our professional team can guarantee that we are able to match color tones perfectly so as to cover up damages and restore the pristine look of your driveways.

Incredibly Versatile!

A lot of people have that misconception that exposed concrete can’t give them that versatility of design choices. Another myth debunked right here.

The truth is with exposed aggregate concrete, you can use it in the area you want and it would always look stunning no matter where you decide to install it.

This material gives you a creative way to experiment on varied designs. But, you should always consider practical choices depending on the area you would want to have it installed.

The potential of exposed aggregate concrete knows no limits especially if you hire the experts from Concreters Cairns who have the training and experience to create majestic designs for your patio, pool, and driveways.

The choices on concrete surfacing and flooring can be very overwhelming. This is how Concreters Cairns refine and eliminate the guesswork for you.

We have different types of finishes that will match the overall look of your home or office. 

So, if you are looking to revamp your space and install aggregate concrete flooring or driveways, don’t hesitate to call us today!

Concrete Cleaning and Resealing Cairns

If you want to keep your pool area or driveway spotless then you would need our concrete cleaning and resurfacing in Cairns to help keep your driveways free from stains, moss, dirt, and any grime that can ruin the visual appeal of your home or corporate office space.

We make use of high-pressure water hose equipment to clean slippery dirt residue to restore and reseal your driveway, patio, or pool area to keep it safe and polished like new.

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