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Driveways are sometimes an overlooked stretch of the property and for a good reason.
It’s hard to decide what kind of theme you want and harder to find the right people to do it. That is why we are here for you as your local concrete contractor  to make sure that you get the help that you need. Request for a free quote today for your concreting needs.

Concreters in Cairn, QLDs is committed in its vision to provide property owners a modern-day concrete driveway design that is of high quality as well as adding to the aesthetics of your house exterior. We believe that a driveway should not just be practical and strong, but also modern and creative.



Whether you are a homeowner or a business owner, we’re here to lend a hand in building the driveway you’ve always wanted. Aside from its up-to-date and trendy design, our driveways are also sturdy and long-lasting, just the perfect balance between structure and design. You can customise based on your aesthetic preferences and it’s inexpensive, too! We are giving you all the aesthetic freedom you need.


Concrete can have a creative feel to visually enhance the exterior of your property. Your parking area, patio, garage, recreational area or walkway can have an inviting image with our concrete stenciling and resurfacing. It’s inexpensive and a striking way to enhance your landscaping plan. A little change can do a lot.


A well-known and widely-used decorative concrete finish, exposed aggregate gives you unlimited creative options to choose from. If you want a certain colour scheme or theme, this would be the best option for you. Not just decorative, adding aggregate also makes surfaces skid-resistant and durable.

There are a variety of themes to choose from with this method. Size and amount of rock, grading are among the other things that are to be considered when deciding the feel that you want.


Are you satisfied with what you have right now but just want to preserve the structure and remove the deep-seated dirt and weeds? No problem! Our Cairns QLD concrete cleaning and sealing service is perfect for you! We’ll make your decorative concrete as good as new. You’ll get fresh and clean concrete with pollutant and UV protection. Water penetration and dry concrete are the usual causes for weakening of decorative concrete, but we can take care of that.

We are local CONCRETERS in Cairns QLD

We are a team of local concreters servicing far northern homeowners and business owners. We are trusted Cairns QLD concreters delivering exceptional concrete finishes done on time and on budget! Get a Free Quote today and let’s start your decorative concrete project today!

Our vast expertise in a wide variety of projects will never leave you dissatisfied. Not only that, we aim to consistently apply modern design techniques on concrete finishes to make sure that you get any of your preferred look and feel. Do you want geometric shapes? Architectural feel? Earthy tones? Minimalist theme? We got you!

We only want the best for our clients and that is why our team consists of licensed, skilled, insured, and well-trained concreters in Cairns QLD. These professionals will make sure that the installation of your driveways, patios or sidewalks is not subpar but is of the highest standard and durable. If you are on the Gold Coast try our friends at Concreters Gold Coast.

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