Concrete Driveways in Cairns


Whether you are a homeowner or a business owner, we’re here to lend a hand in building the driveway you’ve always wanted. Aside from its up-to-date and trendy design, our driveways are also solid and long-lasting, just the perfect balance between structure and design. You can customise based on your aesthetic preferences and it’s inexpensive, too! We are giving you all the aesthetic freedom you need.

Within a reasonably priced cost bracket, we deliver extensive theme choices (minimalist, geometrical shapes, earthy tones, just about anything you prefer) and versatile designs which are well-built and long lasting. We value excellence over all and that is why you can trust that the grade of our concrete driveways will always be beyond your expectations.

  • Reasonable rates
  • Full driveway installation that suits your needs
  • Modern, well-built and hardwearing
  • Extensive theme options: minimalist, geometrical shapes, earthy tones etc.
  • High class finish done by professionals
If you live outside of Cairns and are looking for a concreter try some of these businesses who we recommend. Concrete Contractors in Brisbane called Brisbane Decorative Concrete. Or for Concrete Contractors in Townsville. Or Concreter on the Gold Coast. 


It is a smart decision to opt for a driveway that doesn’t only serve its purpose but is aesthetically appealing as well. But no matter how a driveway looks, it will still need to be cared for after years of wear. There are various factors like weather conditions or pollutant damage that can weaken the concrete. Concreters Cairns is here to make sure that your concrete is in top condition. It doesn’t matter how you had it done in the past, we’ll make sure to revamp it.

Sealing your driveway

The state of your driveway is more significant than you might think. It needs to be cared for after years of being worn down by people walking on it or heavy vehicles parking way too long. One way of preserving its structure is to seal it.

As a preventive maintenance, driveways should be washed making sure that there are no pollutants or cracks that could potentially be a bigger fix in the future. We can fix concrete fissures but it would be highly encouraged to reseal it as repaired fissures are more noticeable.

Taking care of your driveway

Trivia: A properly taken care of driveway holds out for an average of 30 years.

Here are some ideas to make sure your driveway will last:

  • Handle even the smallest concrete fissure

    A tiny fissure can quickly turn into a larger one. You must prevent weeds or any grass from sprouting from those small fissures. Otherwise, it will be hard to fix. We offer a sealing service, just in case you want the fissure to be sealed.

    Concreters Cairns are here to serve you with all your driveway needs. Send us a message if you need concreters in Cairns to assist you in further beautifying your driveway!

  • No to heavy loads

    If they pass it regularly, heavy trucks and buses will impose a tremendous weight of pressure on a driveway which could then create splits or fissures. It is crucial to reduce such heavy vehicles from parking on your driveway for a long period of time.

  • Remove stains immediately

    It is unflattering to have a hideous smear on your driveway or pathway. Your neighbours will surely notice that since most stains stand out, whether from oil or tire tracks. You don’t want to hire us again right after you just got your concrete done, right? If so, make sure to take care of the stains as soon as you see them.

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